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Course      :Supplier Relationship Management (EBP) Course Content
Type           : Hands-On Training

Supplier Relationship Management (EBP) Course Outline

In this course, all the major area of SRM will be covered like Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP), Catalog and Content Management (CCM, concepts and usage), Live Auction Cockpit (LAC) and Bidding Engine. The Course flow will be as follows.

Session 1

Introduction to R/3 Material Management Concept
Brief Overview of SRM
Integration of SRM and R/3 MM

Enterprise Buyer

  • Enterprise Buyer procurement processes
  • Enterprise Buyer scenarios
  • Roles in Enterprise Buyer

Session 2
Backend Integration Principles

  • Enterprise Buyer architecture
  • Elements of an e-procurement scenario
  • Integration principles
  • Integration configuration
  • System communication


  • Elements and maintenance of an organizational structure
  • User administration

Session 3
Catalog Management

  •  Catalog definition and scenarios
  •  Product catalog, supplier catalog and catalog interfaces (OCI/OPI)
  •  SAP Catalog Content Management
  •  CCM

Master Data

  • Business partner, product master, product category
  • Replication of master data

Session 4
Self-Service Procurement

  • Shopping cart
  • Backend follow-on documents
  • Account assignment
  • Confirmations
  • Invoices

Service Procurement

  • Procurement of external services (temporary labor)
  • Integration with service procurement in SAP backend system

Session 5

  • Purchaser roles and processing of purchase orders
  • Conditions and contracts
  • Sourcing
  • Bidding and auctioning
  • Vendor list

Session 6
Plan-Driven Procurement

  • Plan-driven procurement
  • Integration to various Systems


  • Integration principles
  • ITS concept
  • Monitoring tools

Session 7

  • Review of the Whole course
  • Certification preparation Tips

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