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Course      : SAP Production Planning
Type           : Hands-On Training

SAP Production Planning Course Outline

Section 1: SAP Overview

Unit Introduction to SAP
Unit Basis
Unit SAP Services
Unit Co-operative Business Scenarios
Unit mySAP.com
Unit Navigation
Unit System-wide Concepts
Unit Enterprise Structure

Section 2: Manufacturing Planning and Execution for Discrete and Repetitive

Unit Introduction
Unit Master Data
Unit Planning and Execution with Final Assembly
Unit Make-to-Stock Production
Unit Make-to-Order Production
Unit Repetitive Manufacturing/ KANBAN
Unit Special Topics

Section 3: Classification

Unit Introduction
Unit Basic Functionality
Unit More Functionality
Unit Object Dependencies

Section 4: Variant Configuration

Unit Introduction to Variant Configuration
Unit Material Masters, Bill of Material and Routings
Unit Integration
Content: Variant Configuration

Section 5: Basic Data

Unit Material Master Records
Unit Configuring Material Master Records
Unit BOM Management
Unit BOM Reporting Functions
Unit Variants and Alternatives
Unit PP Organization Structures and Basic Data Overview
Unit Routing Part 1
Unit Work Center
Unit Routing Part 2
Unit Work Scheduling in Detail
Unit Scheduling
Unit Engineering Workbench
Unit Summary

Section 6: Production Planning

Unit Overview
Unit Demand Management
Unit MRP Run
Unit Processing MRP Results
Unit Master Production Scheduling
Unit Long-term Planning
Unit Technical Information on How the Planning Run Works
Unit MRP Areas

Section 7: Product Cost Planning

Unit Introduction
Unit Reference and Simulation Costing
Unit Material Costing without Quantity Structure
Unit Material Costing with Quantity Structure

Section 8: Repetitive Manufacturing

Unit Overview of Production Types
Unit Master Data
Unit Planning
Unit Material Staging
Unit back flushing
Unit Evaluations
Content: Repetitive Manufacturing

Section 9: Production Orders

Unit Overview
Unit Order Structure and Processing
Unit Order Creation/ Order Change
Unit Order Release
Unit Printing Order Documents
Unit Material Staging
Unit Order Control
Unit Confirmations
Unit Goods Receipt
Unit Cost Object Controlling/ Order Archiving and Deletion
Unit Information Systems
Unit Mass Processing and Automation

Section 10: Logistics Information System

Unit Data Warehouse Concepts
Unit Standard Analyses in LIS
Unit Early Warning System
Unit Flexible Analyses in LIS
Unit LIS Environment
Content: Logistics Information System

Section 11: ASAP

Unit ASAP Overview
Unit Implementation Roadmap

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